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An Irishman in Manchester the Night the Queen Died

By Jones Irwin

Innocent your honour I wasn’t

even close when the Queen passed

if yes on the same land mass this

evening at Piccadilly Station there is

a kind of hush truth be told even Sinn

Féin liked her in inverse to the disrespect

for the new King but tonight is about marking

a loss which even us Irish Leftists realise so let’s

say down with monarchy and up with good old Liz

who’s worth a pint of Punk IPA on Oldham

Street in the Northern Quarter. Sláinte. 



Jones Irwin teaches Philosophy and Education in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. He has published original monographs on philosophy and aesthetics, including texts on Jacques Derrida's Deconstruction and Slavoj Žižek’s Psychoanalysis. He has published poetry most recently in Poetry London, Espacio Fronterizo (Borderland/ Espace Frontière), Showbear Family Circus, Passengers Journal, Plainsongs, The Dewdrop, Cathexis NorthWest, Hare’s Paw, In Parentheses and with Wingless Dreamer, Moonstone Press and Tofu Ink Press. His first Chapbook of poems, entitled 'GHOST TOWN' is being published by Moonstone Press, Philadelphia, US, in later summer.

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